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Gwadar Becomes Capital of South Balochistan

By April 27, 2021No Comments

Covid-19 might have brought the whole world to a halt, but China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has remained largely immune to its effects. The Project remained on course throughout 2020 and has been progressing non-stop with each passing day. Both Pakistan and China are committed to executing the flagship project with a key focus on the development of Gwadar as the Coastal City is home to one of the deepest ports across the globe and, resultantly, carries rich prospects for playing a pivotal role in regional and global trade. In a further landmark development, Pakistan has declared Gwadar as the Capital of South Balochistan with an intent to expedite the pace of developments in Gwadar in the wake of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and actualize China’s vision to turn Gwadar into one of the advanced port cities of the world.

In the latest interview, Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) Chairman Naseer Khan Kashani verified the authenticity of Gwadar to become a metropolitan of South Balochistan saying “we have received a letter from the Government of Balochistan in this regard.” As per interviews with some other government officials, it has been revealed that the provincial government has declared the Rest House of Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) as the Secretariat Office of Gwadar. Moreover, funds have also been allocated to furnish the Civil Secretariat of Gwadar. Also, a team of Services & General Admission Department has launched recruitment process as well.

Commenting on the latest development, Nadir Baloch, an official at Gwadar Development Authority, said that developing Gwadar as a metropolitan of South Balochistan was certainly a step taken in the right direction. He said that this initiative would boost the positive image of Gwadar as the Coastal City is in the global spotlight for its massive role in global trade. Also, the latest development would hasten up the pace of projects envisaged under the Gwadar Master Plan for the Port City.

It is pertinent to mention here that the decision to turn Gwadar into a metropolitan was not taken all of a sudden. It had been under consideration in the official circles for a long time. Even the Provincial Government had earlier declared Gwadar to be the winter capital of the province, keeping in view the importance of Gwadar as the future economic hub of the country in the backdrop of CPEC. In 2017, former Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri had announced to designate Gwadar as the winter capital of the province and directed all provincial departments to set up their offices in the port city.

Gwadar is currently under a massive transformation. Being a core project of CPEC, a lot of development projects are underway. The Coastal City will house the largest airport in Pakistan, construction work is being carried out at full speed at the project site of New Gwadar International Airport. This will help connect Gwadar globally with major trading centers. Some other key projects earmarked for the development of Gwadar as part of Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan comprise of Gwadar Port and Free Zone 1-2, East Bay Expressway, and Pak-China Technical and Vocational Institute along with the construction of Pak China Friendship Hospital.

The current rise of Gwadar as a master-planned port city certainly makes it the top choice for business investors across Pakistan. Especially the development of Gwadar has breathed a new life in the real estate sector of Pakistan. All the leading land developers have shown a key interest to invest in Gwadar properties and be a stakeholder in the development of Gwadar as the coastal city is on the way to become a hub for regional trade. Any investment made today in Gwadar carries lucrative prospects, after all.

Rafi Group is the pioneer land developer in the property sector to invest in Gwadar’s real estate sector. Serving the real estate sector in Pakistan for the last 43 years with the utmost professionalism, Rafi Group set up Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar in 2016 to catch up with the housing needs in Gwadar. Today, Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar is the largest housing project in Gwadar with an approved NOC for 1065 acres of land from Gwadar Development Authority. Located adjacent to Makran Coastal Highway, the housing project is developing on a fast-track basis and offers a lucrative opportunity to both locals and Pakistanis abroad for investment in Gwadar.

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