1. What is Green Palms?
Green Palms is a housing project of Rafi Group in Gwadar.
2. Rafi Group?

Rafi group is a well-known real estate developer established since 1978. They have successfully developed and delivered numerous projects like Empire center, Land Mark Plaza, Defense Shopping Mall, Central Plaza, Hall Road Plaza, Empress Tower, Green Acres farm housing, Rafi plaza and Zaitoon plaza are some of their prominent development and all of these projects have been delivered on time.

3. What is Central District and Overseas District?
Both are separate sectors of Green Palms Housing Project.
4. What are the products?
Currently, we are offering residential plots (3.2, 5, 7, 10, 14 Marla) and commercial plots (2.66 & 4 Marla) in Overseas District.
5. Why not in Central District?
Central District is sold out.
6. When will be Central District fully developed?
The development is scheduled as per the payment plan offered and agreed with our customers.
7. Who is Summit Estate?
Summit Estate is an exclusive sales partner of Green Palms for the sales of Overseas District.
8. Why should I invest and how investing now is safe?

CPEC- China Pakistan Economic Corridor is the most important element for Pakistan’s economic growth and prosperity. It’s a game changer for Pakistan’s and Gwadar is the crown of CPEC. It’s the best time to invest in Gwadar since China has taken one of the world’s deepest and largest sea port of Gwadar on a 45 years lease and has started working on several project. (CPEC authority website for Info).
Sea port is fully operational and Pakistan’s largest airport (4300 acres) is going to be completed in Sept, 2023 which will be the major milestone in the growth of Gwadar in terms of its access to the world.

9. Why Green Palms?

One of the most renowned & credible Developer (Rafi Group), a trusted name since 1978 is developing this project. The project is located on (360 ft. wide) Main Makran Coastal Highway and (264 ft. wide) Kahan Avenue with 1.25 and 1 km front respectively. The project is only 3 to 4 km from tourist resort & down town and 6.5 KM distance from the Beach/Marine Drive. It’s a well thought out housing project with state of the art infrastructure, amenities and facilities. It has variety of product from economy to luxury plots with an affordable payment plan.

10. What is the cost of land?

Cost of land means price of land only and it’s as per the payment plan. (Narrate and share the payment plan with the customer.)

11. What are the development charges?

Development charges will be charged as per the actual cost incurred, DC will be payable after the cost of land.

12. Who is the approving authority of Green Palms?

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) is the approving authority in Gwadar just like LDA in Lahore.

13. What is the approval status of Green Palms housing project?

It is the largest private housing project of Gwadar and possesses an NOC of 1065 acres. All the details can be verified from the official website of Gwadar Development Authority www.gda.gov.pk

14. What is meant by NOC Restored Conditionally?

NOC of all private housing schemes in Gwadar are conditionally approved. Because GDA has given the developers a schedule to complete their project development work. Our development work on site is pretty much ahead of that timeline, Alhamdullilah.

15. Where is the location of Green Palms on Makran Coastal Highway?

Its 7-8 Km from the Zero Point on the Makran Coastal Highway, 4 Km from the provincial Secretariat and 5 minutes’ drive from beach/Marine Drive and Gwadar Business District (GDB).

16. How far is Green Palms from the new airport?

15 minutes’ drive from Pakistan’s upcoming largest airport with an area of 4300 acres.

17. How far is Green Palms from the port?

15 minutes’ drive.

18. When will development work starts?

Development work is in full swing, in fact it is the most developed private housing project in the city of the Gwadar today.

19. What is the completion date of the project?

Our project is the largest master planned private housing project in Gwadar. Every sector has a different delivery schedule. The development work in Overseas district is already in full swing and the plots will be ready for possession as soon as the completion of the payment plan (Both COL & DC).

20. Society Map?

It’s available on our website you can visit, view and download it from our website www.rafigroup.com.

21. What kind of facilities will be in Green Palms?

Biggest Attraction is Gwadar itself, all you need is a credible developer who can develop and deliver quality life style standards. Green Palms includes world class community club (Sport Club, Gym, Swimming Pool), Cinema, Underground and uninterrupted power. It will be a complete community where the customers can live, work, shop and play.

22. What if CPEC does not meet expectations?

China is the largest economy in the world, it has biggest market share in exports of the world. CPEC is a Project of China and it will complete irrespective of the political changes. CPEC is a flagship project of BRI (Belt and Road Initiative) which includes more than 140 countries and Gwadar is the crown of CPEC. Already USD 33 billion has been invested in different CPEC projects. The major developments in Gwadar are also part of CPEC budget amounting to USD 1.64 billion.

23. What are the transfer charges?

Agents communicates the transfer charges.

24. Documents required for booking?

2 passport size photographs, CNIC copy of applicant and CNIC copy of nominee along with the payment confirmation details.

25. What is the security situation in Gwadar?

Gwadar is the most secure city of Pakistan because of its significance government has ensured that all the intelligence and law enforcing agencies are working together to keep this international smart port city the heaven for investment.

26. What is IGI Life Vitality?

It is a multinational insurance company who has collaborated with Rafi Group for providing life insurance for the clients of Green Palms Housing Project, Gwadar.

27. What does IGI Vitality cover?

A life insurance, which covers the customer’s life during the customer investment cycle with us, till the completion of the payment plan. Means if a customer who has purchased a plot/file in Green Palms Housing Project and God forbid passes away during the payment cycle then its remaining payments/dues will be covered by IGI life policy.

28. Is there any charges for IGI Vitality?

For our customers there are no charges, however we pay for it on behalf of our customers.

29. How will I be registered for Life insurance?

As soon as you become our customer, the desired insurance paper work will be processed along with the booking form.

30. What are the documents required for IGI life insurance?

CNIC copy of the client.

31. What is Rafi Reward?

It is an opportunity window for our current customers to avail. If you are a customer of Green Palms then you are eligible to get 3% discount in your current booking as a reward if anyone with your reference including yourself invests / purchases a new plot/file in Green Palms.

32. 3% Rafi Reward is on which amount?

The discount is on the sales value of new plot/file booked. It will be calculated on the total price of booking of new plot/file. For example, if the total price of plot/file is PKR 1,000,000 then the reward @ 3% will be PKR 30,000.

33. What is the payment method of Rafi Reward?

The discount shall be adjustable in your current file/plot payments.

34. What if I have already cleared the remaining dues?

If all the COL and DC have been paid then this will be credited into your account and will be adjusted at the time of possession.

35. Can I adjust my reward apart from my plot/file?

The discounts is applicable on the Green Palms housing project plot/files only.