About Rafi Group

Chairman's Message

“My message to you all is of hope, courage, and confidence.”

―Muhammad Ali Jinnah

We, at Rafi Group, have always aimed to follow the principles of novelty and modern design. We are a team focused on quality, dedication, top-notch expertise, and unyielding effort.

We are working relentlessly to serve and contribute to our country’s real estate business by introducing innovation, class, and maximum return on investment in a sustainable manner at all times and ages.

Our group’s history boasts a sequential array of mega-success projects to date. All projects have attained the recognition of being revolutionary and exceptional. Our choice of location in combination with quality, convenience, and innovation- in the right blend- has time and again proved to be our hallmark of success.

Rafi Group is continuing on the same principles and surprising its prospective clients with its every upcoming venture. Our newest venture potentially beats all our successes as yet by its geography as well as regionally and globally strategic location, namely the Green Palms Housing Project. It’s in the now-famous Port City of Gwadar, also envisioned as The City of the Future.

Let us, at Rafi Group, take you to newer heights. Let us take care of your future returns like no other. Let the Rafi Group enlighten you with excellence and competence along the way.

Thank you.

Imtiaz Rafi Butt

(Chairman, Rafi Group)

Companies usually pursue their businesses in a transactional way. However, Rafi Group aims at gaining the trust and respect of its customers. It is what defines our legacy and makes us the highly-sought after real estate brand across Pakistan.
Moreover, our real estate ventures are not exclusively business-driven. We also know how important they are for economic prosperity. Thus, we are driven in designing and delivering our housing projects more by their contribution to the economy at large.
Green Palms Housing Project is one of the visionary and bold initiatives of Rafi Group through which we want to uplift lifestyle in Gwadar with the best housing facilities. Rafi Group is the pioneer land developer that set up Green Palms Housing Project to meet the housing needs in Gwadar.

(Chief Executive Officer)

Rafi Group has worked tirelessly to constantly innovate and deliver state of the art projects for our clients. Our company is based on the principles of integrity and hard work. We believe in working to meaningfully serve our clients and community. Green Palms Housing Project in Gwadar is our flagship project. We have been executing the project with efficiency and professionalism to meet all our development timelines.
We have introduced the principle of lean construction in Gwadar, thereby minimizing waste and maximizing the use of time, labor, and material to establish an uninterrupted workflow that ensures delivery of the project in time despite any obstacles faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We pledge to make Gwadar safe and clean and encourage other entrepreneurs to join us in making Gwadar a prosperous city.

(Managing Director)

Diversity and Innovation / Other Businesses

Rafi Group holds the distinction for mastering the art to achieve real estate masterpieces in multiple domains- be they Malls, Plazas, Residential Housing Schemes, or Farm Housing Schemes.
To what extent, Rafi Group is diverse and innovative in the real estate sector? It is reflective of the list of projects which it has so far completed.

These projects comprise:

  • Farm Housing Schemes
  • Residential Housing Schemes
  • High-Rise Apartments
  • High-Rise Commercial Buildings
  • Ultra-Capacity in older areas of the city
  • Shopping Malls
  • High-Rise Mix-use Buildings

History & Legacy

Rafi Group was established in 1978 as a private real estate company with a vision to provide exemplary real estate projects. The company has redefined the real estate sector across Pakistan with innovation and excellence. It distinctly offers a matchless lifestyle with a wide range of amenities.

In line with its rich legacy, Rafi Group has chosen another strategic location for its most premium housing project, Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar. The strategic location of the project, keeping in view fast-track developments in the wake of CPEC to turn Gwadar into a hub for regional trade, has made Rafi Group the leading land developer across Pakistan.

The housing project aims to provide a better lifestyle in Gwadar with modern facilities. It will play a pivotal role in the development of Gwadar that will turn out to be a game-changer for Pakistan’s economy. Rafi Group is certainly on the way to make history as a real estate enterprise.

As a leading housing enterprise, Rafi Group has so far successfully executed the following projects:

  • Rafi Plaza (Hall Road)
  • Hall Road Centre (Hall Road)
  • Green Acre Farm Housing Scheme (Raiwind Road)
  • Empire Centre (Gulberg Main Boulevard)
  • Land Mark Plaza (Jail Road)
  • Empress Towers (Empress Road)
  • Central Plaza (Barkat Market Garden Town)
  • Defence Shopping Mall (Defence Main Boulevard)
  • Different Housing Schemes and several other projects.