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Achievements of Rafi Group in 2021

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Achievements of Rafi Group in 2021The year 2021 was the year of infrastructural development and urbanization across Pakistan. Rafi Group, the most trusted real estate brand of Pakistan was at the forefront of this development, with tremendous milestones achieved throughout the year.

Since 1978, the group has been in the business of delivering spectacular residential and commercial real estate projects throughout the country. They embarked upon a journey to revolutionize the city of Gwadar and did their part in helping the port city realize its potential as the crown jewel of investment for Pakistan. This philosophy led to the introduction of Green Palms Gwadar, a mega private housing project stretched over 1065 acres of land, approved by GDA. For all the investors seeking a lucrative investment in the smart port city, Rafi Group obliged with a fate-altering housing project better than anything ever imagined.

Collaboration with IGI Life & Vitality Insurance

The group kicked off 2021 with an initiative never taken before by any land developer in the country. True to their name, Rafi Group took yet another step towards securing the future of investment of their customers.

In a historical partnership, IGI life & vitality agreed to provide life insurance to all the customers of Green Palms Housing Project, Gwadar. This move made the group the first of its name to extend safety and security to its customers in all facets of life and beyond.

To avail this iconic opportunity, simply invest in Green Palms Gwadar and you will never have to be worry about the prosperity of your loved ones no matter what life throws at you. Rafi Group once again proved that they are the trendsetters in real estate industry by introducing investment inclusive of life insurance for their customers.

Rafi Group Gets Lauded Internationally

The outstanding work done by Rafi Group has not only made it a household name in Pakistan but has also brought it appreciation from across the globe.

Moin Haque, Business Head of Coldwell Baker Realty – an American real estate giant with foothold in 49 countries, visited Rafi Group in 2021. The meeting explored strategic and lucrative prospects of investment in Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar.

Mr. Haque not only commended the group by declaring it a catalyst for real estate development in Gwadar but also pledged to introduce Green Palms to the vigorously active market of expats.

Another notable name to commend the Rafi Group in 2021 was Mr. Humayoun Shabbir from Shabir Realty, a N.Y.S-licensed real estate broker. His company, Shabir Realty has more than 15 years of experience in different sectors of the real estate sector across the spectrum of purchasing, rentals and leasing.

His inclusion in the group will not only open the doors of Green Palms Gwadar to the New York region but with increased investment and customer-base, it will play its part in accelerating the growth of the beautiful city of Gwadar.

Collaboration with Banking Partners

Another milestone achieved in 2021 by Rafi Group is their partnership with one of the largest banking network of the country, MCB. In a milestone event where the bank was represented by its Country Head, Mr. Ali Raza and Executive Vice President North, Mr. Raza Ehsan, the two names pledged to take measures which will further benefit the customers of the group.

This strategic alliance will ensure that in all the matters of investors will be facilitated by the seamless banking services of MCB. So, you can rest assured that your investment will be made in trustworthy group through a trustworthy banking channel.


Provided Fast-paced Development

Perhaps the biggest achievement of all is the fast-paced development that Rafi Group executed in Gwadar is Green Palms Housing Project, Gwadar.

The mega-project is the most significant landmark amongst all the private housing projects in the city. Lying on the awe-inspiring China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Green Palms is right on schedule to deliver the biggest real estate name in the city of Gwadar, and all is owed to the tireless efforts of the outstanding team working under the emblem of Rafi Group.

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