In Which Year Was Rafi Group Founded?

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Rafi Group is a premium real estate land development company in Pakistan. It has redefined the property sector in the country with innovation and excellence. Rafi Group is a pioneer in land development and the company has worked tirelessly to inspire people’s interest in the real estate sector. Today, the company has become a symbol of authenticity and reliability. It is one of the highly esteemed real estate companies in Pakistan.

Rafi Group was founded by Mr. Imtiaz Rafi Butt in 1978 with a vision to add value to people’s lifestyles. He is currently the chairman of the company that has its headquarters in Lahore.  For the last four decades, the company has been serving the people of Pakistan and has earned respect for improving the lifestyle of people.

The company has produced numerous masterpiece housing schemes, commercial plazas, and the first farmhouse project in Lahore. Some of its successful projects include:

  • Rafi Plaza (Hall Road)
  • Hall Road Center (Hall Road)
  • Green Acre Farm Housing Scheme (Raiwind Road)
  • Empire Center (Gulberg Main Boulevard)
  • Land Mark Plaza (Jail Road)
  • Empress Towers (Empress Road)
  • Central Plaza (Barkat Market Garden Town)
  • Defence Shopping Mall (Defense Main Boulevard)

Rafi Group is also a leading land developer in Gwadar’s real estate sector. The company has established the Green Palms Housing Project in Gwadar that aims to catch up with the rising needs of housing in the port city. It will be one of the premium housing projects in Gwadar that will provide a luxurious lifestyle to its residents with a wide range of amenities.

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