Marking Our Ways Up To The Milestone

By July 18, 2022No Comments

PM Shehbaz Sharif’s back-to-back two visits to Gwadar opened new opportunities for the development of the region. Chief Minister Balochistan, Abdul Qaddos Bazenjo along with provincial ministers gave a warm welcome to the Prime Minister. PM inaugurated multiple exceptional projects for the economic growth of the locality which include the Eastbay Expressway linking Gwadar to Karachi and a water desalination plant. He acknowledged China for being an absolute savior for providing Solar panels for the 3200 residents of Gwadar. Education is the key to uplifting a nation. PM granted special funds to The University of Gwadar. As per the agreement with Iran, Iran will provide additional 100 Megawatt electricity soon to Gwadar by upgrading 27km transmission line from Polan to Gwadar. During his visit Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif attended MoU signing ceremony between Gwadar Development Authority and Indus Hospital. Under the MoU, the Indus Hospital would take control of the GDA’s 150-bed hospital in Gwadar which is a fully equipped hospital based on the modern technology.

PM emphasized that the government has assigned a budget of Rs. 100 billion for the development of Balochistan. He also took an overview of the development projects under CPEC including the under-construction New Gwadar International Airport, which will be fully developed under the Chinese grant. He stated that the New Gwadar International airport will be fully operational by the year 2023. Prime Minister also said the government of Pakistan would select 500,000 destitute people as recipients of the Benazir income support program (BISP) with 100 percent cover for the deserving individuals of Gwadar. PM’s visit to Gwadar will surely have an economically positive impact on the region.

CEO Rafi Group Shehriar Imtiaz Rafi has cordially appreciated these visits and thanked the PM for his initiatives for speeding up the development of Gwadar. PM also got briefed by the authorities on the law and order progress in Gwadar. International markets will witness the most hype about the economic stature of Pakistan as the evidence speaks for itself that PM visited the Gwadar for the 2nd time in the last two months and inaugurated multiple projects.

Gwadar’s real estate will see a critical boom following the marking of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) agreement, which has prompted fast development in Gwadar. PM Shehbaz Sharif’s visit will uplift the developmental progress in the region. He said the federal government would take the provincial government on board for consultations on the development projects.



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