Gwadar: A Promising Investment

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Pakistan’s real estate sector was anticipated to encounter remarkable development in the year 2021. Past expectations assessed a price rise in real estate until April 2021. Nonetheless, it was before long found that this expectation was an understatement since the rise in value hasn’t halted as the year progressed.

One significant factor that is filling in as fuel for this development is the extraordinary interest shown by the government in the improvement of the real estate sector and it has brought about real-estate-friendly policies that has drawn in potential investors.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is another enormous development project that will change Pakistan’s economy and accordingly, the real estate sector will boom in the coming years. The special Economic Zones (SEZs) are yet to be finished, but the beneficial outcomes of CPEC can be seen with regards to an advanced situation in the power sector and completion of multiple projects.

As CPEC progresses, improvement in the economic conditions of Pakistan are observed. CPEC has transformed the trade industry too. It connects Gwadar seaport to Kashgar located in China, serving as a trade route for both bordering countries and has become a gateway to the strategically important ‘Strait Of Hurmuz’ in the Indian Ocean.

Gwadar has certainly acquired the attention of investors who are keen to invest in the Chinese backed port city. A great deal of development projects are in progress, Gwadar port being a core project of CPEC. China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) have designed a master plan that determines the modern and advanced experience it will provide to the international community trading through Gwadar. The Coastal City will house the south Asia’s largest airport in Pakistan. Development work is in progress at full throttle at the project site of New Gwadar International Airport. This will further assist to connect Gwadar globally with trading centers.

The Chinese backed smart port city Gwadar is being utilized to construct multiple residential projects with state-of-the-art facilities. One name that surfaces in providing the right investment in Gwadar and catering to the rising residential needs of Gwadar is Rafi Group. With a history of 4 decades in the land development sector, Rafi Group relishes the position of being the most trusted and reliable developer in the country.

Rafi group is leading their way in developing a residential project in Gwadar, Green Palms Housing Project, which is the largest privately owned housing project with an approved NOC of 1065 acres of land by GDA. The project offers 5, 10 Marla and 1, 2 Kanal residential and 4, 8 Marla commercial plots for investment.

Rafi Group has extended their innovative efforts, with a dedicated block for prestigious members of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)  by signing an agreement with IGI Life vitality Insurance to facilitate its customers with investment inclusive of life insurance. The achieved milestone is unprecedented in the history of real estate industry of Pakistan and is marked as a trend for the times to come. Rafi Group is working hard to implement best practices and provide best opportunities to its clients and Green Palms Housing Project is one of such opportunity that cannot be overlooked.


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