Gwadar; The Smartest of All Port cities

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Gwadar; The Smartest of All Port cities

An intensive observation at 126 of the world’s significant metropolitan regions uncovers that cities that serve as significant seaports experience quicker development than inland areas. According to sources, 35 of these 126 metropolitan cities were among the best 100 container ports and their GDP increased by 13% during 2008-2013, whereas, that of the world’s major inland urban areas increased by just 8%. At the same time, global GDP development was 11%.

Research shows that expanding port proficiency and specifically diminishing the time expected to load/unload ships brings down transportation expenses and lifts exchange, which thus prompts GDP development.

An extraordinary Chinese financial and development effort is fostering Pakistan’s strategically located Seaport of Gwadar into one of the world’s largest transit and transshipment cargo facilities.  The deep water port lies at the convergence of three of the most economically significant regions of the world, the oil-rich Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia.

The goal is to connect Gwadar to landlocked western China, including its Muslim-majority part Xinjiang region, giving it access to a shorter and secure course through Pakistan to global trade. The port will likewise give the shortest route to landlocked Central Asian nations, including Afghanistan, through transit trade and offering transshipment facilities.

Gwadar port targets to handle around 1,000,000 tons of freight annually. Authorities expect that with expansive plans under way, the port will turn out to be South Asia’s greatest transportation center within five years, with a yearly capacity of handling  13-million tons of freight. Also, by 2030, they say, it will be equipped to handle of as much as 400-million tons of freight yearly.

Gwadar’s current 50-bed government hospital is being stretched out to 300 beds, a technical and vocational institute is being developed, a 300-megawatts coal-based force plant and a desalination plant are being introduced, a new international airport and a six-lane international standard expressway are being worked to connect Gwadar port with the rest of Pakistan and adjoining nations, including Iran and Afghanistan.

With the major projects under completion and more and more getting completed, investors, seekers of jobs and trading companies will seek residence in Gwadar to expedite their financial income and trading. This will largely benefit the real estate industry of Pakistan. Investors from all over Pakistan and internationally are willing to avail this golden opportunity as they foresee the rewarding benefits of the investment. In the years to come the prices are expected to spike enormously promising great returns on investment.

Many housing societies have started to market their projects and acquire NOC from the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), established to maintain unified and authentic system in Gwadar real estate. Among these societies, the project that outshines is Green Palms Housing Project Gwadar. The project is led by one of the real estate pioneers Rafi Group. The group has a history of providing modern, unique and pioneering projects to the metropolitan cities of Pakistan. The project itself is the largest privately owned residential project in Gwadar that owns an NOC for 1065 acres of land. The project has front on the Makran Coastal Highway and is ideally located in the near proximity of downtown Gwadar.

The group extending to its unique and pioneering approach has signed an agreement with IGI Life vitality Insurance that facilitates the customers like no other real estate project in Pakistan has done before. This has marked a new record in the history of Pakistan real estate and Rafi Group has successfully achieved the spot of trendsetters once again.

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